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Sami Sheen Flaunts Breast Augmentation Results: Big News for OnlyFans Subscribers!

todayDecember 8, 2023 8

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Last month, Sami Sheen underwent breast augmentation. She had been talking about this procedure for a long time.

These surgeries take about six to eight weeks to fully heal.

But, clearly, the 19-year-old daughter of Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards is feeling much better already.

The OnlyFans creator is already showing off the results. Good for her!

Sami Sheen eats ramen noodles.
On a “date night,” Sami Sheen enjoys some noodles. She is also enjoying a recent update to her figure. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Sami Sheen is the scion of not one but two household names. Denise Richards is, of course, famous for scripted and reality roles — and has been for decades.

Charlie Sheen may be more infamous for his cataclysmic personal choices, but he’s also an accomplished actor. And his father is something of an acting legend.

Not everyone leans into their “nepo baby” potential. And there are multiple ways to entertain people. So 19-year-old Sami Sheen has found her own platform to capitalize on both her looks and relative fame: OnlyFans.

A TikTok screenshot of Sami Sheen during her makeup routine.
In late spring 2023, Sami Sheen took to TikTok to share her plans for more risque OnlyFans content … only after undergoing a planned cosmetic surgery. (Image Credit: TikTok)

Earlier this year, Sami used a more public platform — TikTok — to discuss her OnlyFans content. One frequent question was why her posts had not included nudity.

(Just a reminder: OnlyFans can include anything from entirely non-sexual content to slightly risque off-Instagram pics to truly inspirational porn including multiple collaborating performers — and anything, within the rules, in between)

Sami explained that she does plan to go topless. But she was apparently unhappy with her breast size, and wanted to wait to go public until undergoing surgery.

Sami Sheen faces the camera while wearing a thin white shirt.
In December 2023, Sami Sheen took to Instagram to show off the results of her breast augmentation surgery. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Last month, Sami very matter-of-factly opened up on social media about her progress on that front.

“Guess who got a new rack todayyyy,” Sami announced to her fans and followers.

Obviously, she was in for a long recovery period — and still is. But now, she’s ready to go out and about while wearing the can’t-miss results.

Sami Sheen poses in the aisle of a store, wearing a white crop top and low-ride jeans.
Displaying her crop top and recent breast enhancement surgery to full effect, Sami Sheen reminds us all that low-ride jeans are finally back. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Obviously, Sami looks absolutely jaw-droppingly gorgeous.

We’d actually say that this has very little to do with her updated cup size. Not only are her breasts still recovering, but they’re not really on display.

Her crop top is showing off her abdomen. Her face looks gorgeous. Sami herself is beautiful, and was before this. But what matters is if these are the results that she wanted.

Sami Sheen sits while wearing an oversized OnlyFans tee shirt.
In June 2023, Sami Sheen celebrated one year as an OnlyFans creator. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Back in June, Sami celebrated a special milestone.

It marked her first year as an OnlyFans creator.

Given her plans to show more skin after she recovers from surgery, one imagines that she will enjoy even more success on the platform in the future.

A screenshot of Sami Sheen speaking passionately on TikTok.
In early June 2023, Sami Sheen clapped back hard at people who shamed sex-workers. Even from her position of unusual privilege, Sami showed solidarity with other OnlyFans creators. (Image Credit: TikTok)

Sami is aware that she has an easier time on the platform, just as in the rest of life, than most people.

She could have a total doppelganger who shows much more explicit content without anything close to Sami’s following. Sami just happens to be famous.

All sex work, from OnlyFans modeling to porn to (often illegal) full service, is work. It’s a job, and it takes talent, passion, and energy.

A photo of Denise Richards and Sami Sheen.
This 2022 photo of Denise Richards and then-18-year-old daughter Sami Sheen shows that good looks run in this side of the family. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Despite her initial reservations, Denise Richards has gone all in on supporting Sami’s venture.

In fact, Denise joined OnlyFans as well. She has praised the platform, likening it to the fan forums of yore — except, you know, for the financial aspects.

Mother and daughter have even done a couple of collabs … but not anything like what “OnlyFans collab” usually means. They just answer questions together for a bit. Like an Instagram video, but for money.

Sami Sheen looks to the side while wearing a white crop top.
Looking to the side while striking a dramatic pose, Sami Sheen shows off her updated look for autumn 2023. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

As we said, it’s up to Sami to decide if she’s happier with her new bust.

It’s her body and she can do whatever to it that she likes.

We wish her well. And we’re sure that her subscribers are looking forward to when she puts the results of her surgery on full display.

Sami Sheen Flaunts Breast Augmentation Results: Big News for OnlyFans Subscribers! was originally published on The Hollywood Gossip.

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