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Sophie Sierra is Bisexual, Panics Ahead of Coming Out to Rob on 90 Day Fiance

todayNovember 27, 2023 2

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A lot of 90 Day Fiance viewers believe that Rob Warne and Sophie Sierra’s relationship is doomed to fail.

Maybe it is. But on the latest episode, Sophie actually forgave Rob for his latest betrayal. Albeit with a few conditions.

Now, with things apparently in a better place, she’s gearing up to tell him something.

Sophie is bisexual. Coming out isn’t always easy.

In this clip from 90 Day Fiance, Sophie Sierra shares a little confession about why she trusts Rob. (Image Credit: TLC)

Sophie Sierra is 23 years old. She’s beautiful, funny, and charming.

90 Day Fiance Season 10 fans have grown fond of her very quickly. Even if many struggle to understand why she is so overly patient with Rob.

Before she flew out to see him, Sophie sat down with her friend Maya. This is when she shared something that she had apparently not told anyone before.

Before her K-1 trip to the US, Sophie met up wtih her friend, Maya. (Image Credit: TLC)

On camera, Sophie came out to Maya. She’s bisexual, but basically no one knows. It’s something that she plans to tell her fiance. (Image Credit: TLC)

Sophie came out as bi to Maya. “Basically, um, I’m bisexual,” she told her.

She didn’t plan to announce her sexuality to the world.

However, Sophie noted that if someone asked, she would confirm that she’s bi. She affirmed that she doesn’t see her sexuality as anyone else’s business, which is true!

During her first episode, Sophie Sierra introduces herself to viewers. (Image Credit: TLC)

Sophie shared that she had never been with or dated a girl. It’s something that she would like to explore in the future, under the right circumstances.

(Just a reminder that sexuality and sexual history are not synonyms. A person can be gay, bi, straight, or asexual whether they are monogamous, celibate, or neither)

One significant thing that Sophie shared was that Rob did not know. They were engaged, and had known each other for nearly three years, but she hadn’t come out to him.

Sophie Sierra holds up one hand expressively while speaking.
In a preview of Season 10, Episode 9 of 90 Day Fiance, Sophie Sierra prepares to tell her fiance that she’s bi. (Image Credit: TLC)

As we saw on Sunday night, the promo for Episode 9 shows Sophie beginning to panic as she prepares to come out to Rob.

She feels anxious because she hasn’t told many people. And she fears rejection. Biphobia is vile — and can come from straight and gay communities alike, sadly.

And plenty of people who have no political issue with bi folks can feel anything from insecure to bigoted upon learning that a partner is bi. Sophie’s anxiety is very reasonable.

Rob Warne and Sophie Sierra discuss a tense topic. (Image Credit: TLC)

Now, we all hope that the eventual conversation goes well. Sophie’s anxiety can be reasonable without her worst fears coming to life, right?

At the risk of putting too fine of a point on it, a biracial guy who appreciates having a biracial girlfriend should hopefully also understand that some folks feel caught between two worlds. And how marginalizing that can be.

However, just to be clear, Sophie does not “owe” coming out to anyone. Honesty is a great foundation for a relationship, but

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