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Texas Husband Accused Of Slipping Abortion Drug Into Wife’s Drinks – So He Wouldn’t ‘Look Like A Jerk’ Cheating On A Pregnant Woman

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content] If you’re trying to avoid looking like a jerk, maybe don’t try to poison your wife into having a miscarriage? Just a crazy thought… It seems unbelievable, but saving face was apparently the genuine motive for the crime Texas attorney Mason Herring is accused of. He’s the first and only person to ever be charged with assault of a pregnant person and forced induction to have an abortion. […]

todayNovember 17, 2022 3


Teacher Got Teen Pregnant Then Tricked Her Into Abortion By FAKING HIS OWN DEATH, Claims Lawsuit

A former high school band teacher is being accused of impregnating a 16-year-old, then taking the most cowardly way out of the situation imaginable — faking his own death. A lawsuit has been filed against Paramount High School in Paramount, California after a woman, identified only as Sandra, claimed her former band teacher, Steven Velasquez, groomed and sexually abused her during the 2004-05 school year, when she was just 16 […]

todayOctober 13, 2022 3


Arizona Court of Appeals Temporarily Blocks Old Arizona Abortion Ban

The Hill (Jared Gans) reports: The Arizona Court of Appeals has temporarily blocked the state's more-than-a-century-old abortion ban [which bans all abortions "unless it is necessary to save [the woman's] life"] from being enforced after a judge had previously ruled it could be…. The abortion ban was originally enacted in the 1860s, before Arizona became a state. The law was in place until 1973, when the Supreme Court's Roe v. […]

todayOctober 9, 2022 8


Chrissy Teigen Reacts To Nasty Comments After Sharing Her Miscarriage Was A Life-Saving Abortion

Chrissy Teigen has something to say to the online trolls who have attacked her for opening up about her life-saving abortion. In case you missed it, the 36-year-old model reflected on her 2020 pregnancy loss earlier this week during Propper Daley’s A Day of Unreasonable Conversation summit. While at the event on Thursday, she shared that she had an abortion, not a miscarriage, something she did not understand until the […]

todaySeptember 18, 2022 9

Music News

Maren Morris Reacts to Abortion Ban, Says ‘Tomorrow I Will Fight’

In light of the Supreme Court’s 6-3 ruling Friday morning overturning Roe v. Wade and allowing states to restrict or ban abortion at any point during a pregnancy, a handful of country music artists have spoken out in opposition to the decision. Chief among them is Maren Morris, who detailed her own journey to becoming a mother in an exclusive statement to Rolling Stone. Morris, 32, says she waited until […]

todayJuly 31, 2022 12

Music News

Lizzo, Live Nation Pledge $1 Million From Tour to Abortion Access

Lizzo and Live Nation will donate $1 million from the singer’s Special tour to support abortion access groups following the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade. “I’m pledging $500k from my upcoming tour to Planned Parenthood and Abortion Rights. Live Nation agreed to match— to make it 1 MILLION dollars,” Lizzo tweeted Friday. “The most important thing is action & loud voices. @PPFA, @AbortionFunds & organizations like them— […]

todayJuly 21, 2022 10

Music News

Cyndi Lauper Shares New Version of Abortion Rights Song After Roe Repeal

Cyndi Lauper has released a re-recorded rendition of her 1993 abortion rights song “Sally’s Pigeons” following the Supreme Court’s repeal of Roe v. Wade. Originally released nearly 30 years ago, “Sally’s Pigeons” told the story of Lauper’s childhood friend who, as a teenager, got pregnant and died following a back-alley abortion procedure. “The Supreme Court’s radical decision today makes the re-recording and re-release of ‘Sally’s Pigeons’ more relevant than ever,” […]

todayJuly 16, 2022 17


S.C. Bill Would Apparently Outlaw News Sites’ Writing About Legal Abortion Clinics in Neighboring States

The South Carolina state Senate is considering a bill that would basically ban abortions, with no exception other than for abortions needed to "designed or intended to prevent the death of a pregnant woman" (though even that's uncertain, given the sentence that "The provisions of this section must not be construed to authorize the intentional killing of an unborn child"). The bill wouldn't prohibit adult women from traveling to another […]

todayJuly 1, 2022 7


Laura Prepon Opens Up About Decision To Get Abortion During Pregnancy Complications: ‘At The Time I Had The Choice’

Laura Prepon is speaking up against the Supreme Court’s landmark Roe v. Wade decision. Taking to Instagram on Monday, the That ’70s Show alum revealed that she and her husband, Ben Foster, sought an abortion when she learned the “devastating truth” that her baby was not going to make it to full term. Sharing a photo of herself standing in front of a rainbow, the 42-year-old vulnerably wrote: “One of […]

todayJune 28, 2022 7