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Electric Forest Announces 2022 Return

Brace yourselves for Electric Forest in 2022! After seeing two consecutive cancellations due to COVID – 19, the festival had announced its return on Thanksgiving. June 23-26 is the date to mark on your calendars that will witness its reappearance in Rothbury, Michigan. The unique fact that it occurs in a rural stretch of Oceana County is a cause for anticipation. The land on which The Forest lays is deep […]

todayNovember 29, 2021 1

Music News

Fascinating Roots of Electric Forest Revealed In New Documentary, “A Million Shining Lights” – EDM.com

The fascinating origin story behind one of the world's most beloved music festivals, Electric Forest, will soon be revealed.A forthcoming documentary titled A Million Shining Lights - 10 Years Of Electric Forest will recap some of the countless fan and artist experiences that have made this legendary, Rothbury-based electronic music fest the phenomenon it is today.The documentary's trailer scratches the surface level details of how exactly one of EDM'S most […]

todayNovember 25, 2021 1

Music News

tyDi & Electric Polar Bears Drop Insane Remix Pack Of ‘You Never Know’

The Electric Polar Bears are a duo who know how to get things done. For proof look no further than their steady stream of releases alongside some of dance musics biggest names. This past October, we shared with you one of their most recent releases, in the form of their collaboration titled ‘You Never Know‘, alongside tyDi, and featuring neverwaves. Today, we follow up on this release in the form of […]

todayNovember 22, 2021 1

Music News

Electric Forest, We Miss You

With the cancellation and postponement of Electric Forest 2020 and 2021, many of us Forest Fam have a longing to return home. 2020 was set to be one for the books with an off the charts line up, the confirmation of an extra day, and the celebration of Decade One of EF, we knew we were in for a treat. Sadly, things took a wild turn and the whole world […]

todayNovember 16, 2021


Katy Perry debuts Pokmon pop song Electric • 98bpm

Pokémon continues its 25th anniversary celebrations today with the release of Katy Perry's new single Electric.In the video, Katy Perry and her Pikachu reminisce about growing up - and we see flashbacks to when she was younger and Pikachu was just a Pichu. Pokémon evolve, and so do people too! I think that's the message here. It's no Pokérap, but you can watch it anyway below: "When I visited the […]

todayOctober 14, 2021 1

Music News

EODM Cover ‘O Holy Night,’ Announce ‘A Boots Electric Christmas’

The days are getting shorter, pumpkin spice is back and before you know it Christmas will be here. Helping to ring the holiday bell and bringing you that reminder today (Sept. 27) are Eagles of Death Metal who have announced their new EP, Eagles of Death Metal Presents A Boots Electric Christmas along with issuing their take on "O Holy Night."The classic Christmas carol actually appears twice on this six-song […]

todaySeptember 28, 2021 1


Why driving an electric vehicle doesn’t make you a good person

One of my family members has a vanity license plate that reads “4THEFUTR.” It adorns their electric vehicle —and might strike some as excessively boastful.Applauding our own actions can be perfectly fine, but is there anything morally praiseworthy about driving an electric vehicle (EV)?Many would say yes, others aren’t so sure since driving EVs might be environmentally neutral or even harmful when both manufacturing and production are considered — but […]

todayAugust 15, 2021 1


Best Cheap Grill Deals for August 2021: Gas, Charcoal, Electric

98bpm may earn a commission when you buy through links on our site. If you’re shopping for a new grill, this is an excellent time of year to find the best cheap grill deals. During the summer retailers have new model grills from most brands in stock. Getting outside and grilling is a great way to enjoy the weather (no matter the season) while making a delicious meal. If you’re […]

todayAugust 12, 2021 1


Zūm wants to use its electric school buses to send power back to the electrical grid – 98bmp

Zūm, the startup that provides child transportation for school districts and families, is aiming to use its fleet of electric school buses to deliver power back to grid when it’s needed most.  The company is partnering with AutoGrid, which provides energy management and distribution software, to transform Zūm’s fleet of electric school buses into one of the largest virtual power plants in the world, according to a statement from the […]

todayJuly 15, 2021 2