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Minecraft becomes first game to top one trillion views on YouTube

Minecraft, you probably don't need telling, is popular; it's sold over 238M copies since its launch in 2009 making it the best-selling game of all time, it claims over 140M monthly active users, and was enticing enough for Microsoft to spend an eye-watering $2.5 billion USD acquiring its developer Mojang back in 2014. And now here's another massive figure for the record books: it's officially the first game to surpass […]

todayJuly 1, 2022 3


FF7 Remake on Steam is (almost) the most popular Final Fantasy game

It may have launched less than a week ago, but Final Fantasy 7 Remake on Steam is already the most popular game in the series on the platform. The RPG was the best-selling game on the platform in the week ending June 19, and it’s holding that place as of June 20 as well, followed by Monster Hunter Rise and Rise’s upcoming expansion, Sunbreak. Twitter user Benji-Sales, industry analyst and […]

todayJune 30, 2022 2


Ernie Hudson says new Ghostbusters game is “definitely happening”

Actor Ernie Hudson, perhaps better known as Ghostbusters' Winston Zeddemore, has claimed a new video game based on the legendary movie series is "definitely happening". This isn't the first time we've heard word of a new Ghostbusters game, of course; back in October, Raphael Saadiq, the co-founder of Friday the 13th and Predator: Hunter Grounds developer Illfonic, let slip that the studio was currently working on the title. Unsurprisingly though, […]

todayJune 11, 2022 2

Music News

Your EDM Premiere: Game Changer ‘Alert’ – Misanthrop Creates a Whole New ‘Universe’ With New Album [Neosignal]

It’s hard to believe it’s been three years since Analog, Misanthrop’s last stunner of an album, where the German producer taught the largely digitized D&B world a little something about the joys of mods. That said, since we all know COVID years don’t count, it’s really more like 18 months. In an interview with UKF, Misanthrop said that he used the largely show-less COVID time to play even more with his […]

todayJune 8, 2022 2

Music News

Richie Hawtin and deadmau5’s PIXELYNX Releases First Look At Forthcoming Mobile Game, ELYNXIR – EDM.com

Richie Hawtin and deadmau5's metaverse gaming venture PIXELYNX is on the brink of bringing its first product offering to market.The first look at ELYNXIR still leaves much to be discovered, but the clip marks a promising sign that the company will deliver an experience that intersects the world of music, blockchain, and gaming in a way like never before. The free-roaming mobile game will embrace the value propositions of a Web3 world and […]

todayMay 29, 2022 4


Ubisoft’s long-delayed new Settlers game will be sharing “some news” in January

If you've been eagerly awaiting news of the next instalment in the nearly three-decade-old Settlers series, your patience will soon be awarded: publisher Ubisoft has announced it'll be revealing more information on the long-delayed game in January next year. Ubisoft first revealed it would be revisiting the Settlers' much-loved city-building and real-time strategy formula in a new series instalment back in 2018. At the time, it told fans to expect […]

todayMay 22, 2022 3


Evil Dead: The Game Review

Evil Dead: The Game on PS5 On paper, Evil Dead: The Game shouldn’t be a thing that works. It’s a mesh of Dead by Daylight and Friday the 13th meets battle royale, meets looter shooter/slasher. It’s a chaotic mess that is at times held back by frustrating glitches, and a bit of a balancing issue especially during the early hours. Evil Dead: The Game features plenty of iconic characters from […]

todayMay 18, 2022 3


Stellaris has a new game director

Stellaris is marking a change of command. The space-faring grand strategy game’s former director, Daniel Moregård, has announced he is moving onto a new role, with senior game designer Stephen Muray assuming the title of game director. Moregård announced the changeover in the latest Stellaris dev diary this week. “I am extremely proud and happy with what we’ve accomplished, and I’m very much looking forward to seeing what Stephen and […]

todayMarch 14, 2022 4


Triangle Strategy Review – Game of Salt

Triangle Strategy on Nintendo Switch The continent of Norzelia is in trouble. While the three great kingdoms of Norzelia have finally signed a peace treaty after ending the long Saltiron War, there’s still a sense of unease that permeates through this period of calm. The political climate is uncertain, even if Triangle Strategy tries to open the story with an uplifting, celebratory event: a wedding that will bind the kingdom […]

todayMarch 3, 2022 10