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iOS 15 public beta arrives, Android App Bundles to replace APKs, app consumer spend hits new record – 98bmp

Welcome back to This Week in Apps, the weekly 98bmp series that recaps the latest in mobile OS news, mobile applications and the overall app economy. The app industry continues to grow, with a record 218 billion downloads and $143 billion in global consumer spend in 2020. Consumers last year also spent 3.5 trillion minutes using apps on Android devices alone. And in the U.S., app usage surged ahead of the time spent watching live […]

todayJuly 3, 2021 2


Apple’s iOS 15 Is Official, Ready to Enhance Your iPhone

Apple announced iOS 15, the newest version of its mobile operating system, at WWDC 2021. The software will eventually replace iOS 14 on compatible iPhone models, and adds new features and several changes to the overall look. The final release will come later in 2021, but the public beta can be downloaded and tried from June 30. Whether you decide to download it or not, settle in while we explain […]

todayJune 30, 2021 1


Apple just released the first iOS 15 beta to everyone – 98bmp

This is your opportunity to get a glimpse of the future of iOS, iPadOS and watchOS. Apple just released the first public beta of iOS 15, iPadOS 15 and watchOS 8. Those releases are the next major versions of the operating systems for the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. Unlike developer betas, everyone can download these betas — you don’t need a $99 developer account. But don’t forget, it’s a […]

todayJune 30, 2021 2


Safari’s redesign is the best part of iOS 15 — FIGHT ME

With the ongoing coronavirus pandemic in India, there’s nowhere for me to go and have an adventurous trip. So the only audacious step I could take within the confines of my home was to install the iOS 15 beta on my iPhone.The new update brings a lot of goodies to the iPhone, including notification profiles, separate security updates, and FaceTime links. But personally, I think the update to the Safari […]

todayJune 9, 2021 3


Chinese hackathon reportedly revealed iOS breach, exploited it to spy on Uyghurs

When Apple announced in a 2019 blog post that it had patched a security vulnerability in its iOS operating system, the company sought to reassure its customers. The attack that had exploited the vulnerability, Apple said, was “narrowly focused” on websites featuring content related to the Uyghur community.It has since emerged that the vulnerability in question was discovered at China’s principal hacking competition, the Tianfu Cup, where a professional hacker […]

todayMay 27, 2021 2


Suck it, Zuck — only 4% of US iOS users say ‘okay then’ to ad tracking

At the end of the day, all Apple wants is your money. Sometimes though, this desire for cash manifests as something that’s actually positive for users. And Apple‘s app tracking transparency is one of those things.With the launch of iOS 14.5, Apple included a feature that allows you to stop apps tracking you across multiple bits of software or websites. Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg hate it — and you can […]

todayMay 9, 2021 3


Learn to code for iOS and Android with this $36 bootcamp

TLDR: The Complete Mobile and App Development Bundle features nine courses with training in crafting cool new apps for both Android and iOS users.If you want to find out who you know isn’t telling you the truth, run this little test with them. Ask them how they spent most of their time last year during pandemic lockdowns and home restrictions. If they say anything other than playing with apps and […]

todayApril 27, 2021 2


The Best Money-Transfer Apps for Android and iOS

Whether you want to repay your friend for fronting your bar tab or send some cash to your nephew for his birthday, a peer-to-peer money-transfer app comes in handy to facilitate the transaction. Money-transfer apps don’t require you to input your banking information. Find out how you can take advantage of these convenient payment options by reading about our top picks below. If you have a small business, check out our […]

todayMarch 31, 2021 2


How to Scan a QR Code on Android and iOS

As smartphones have become more and more ubiquitous, so have QR codes. These maze-looking squares are a type of matrix barcode that contains data — usually, QR codes point to a website or open a designated application. Although they may look confusing, QR codes are ridiculously easy to use. Follow the steps below to turn your phone into an instant QR code scanner using nothing more than your default camera […]

todayMarch 29, 2021 6