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The Best Laptops for Video Editing in 2021

Video editing is a task that requires you to have access to a high-quality display and enough computing power to process large video files. Whether you’re a creative who works on professional-quality videos or you want to launch a YouTube channel, investing in the right laptop will make video editing much easier. The Dell XPS 17 is a great choice since it has some of the best components for pretty […]

todayApril 10, 2021 5


The Best Budget Laptops for 2021

We’ve reviewed hundreds of laptops, so we know what to look for in a laptop regardless of the price. The best laptop you can buy is the Acer Swift 3. It does everything that laptops cost hundreds of dollars more can do — and in some cases, it does it even better. But if your laptop budget is a bit lower, or if you want to be able to game on […]

todayApril 5, 2021 2


MSI tests how effective gaming laptops are for cryptocurrency mining

As the great graphics card shortage rages on, cryptocurrency miners are turning their attention from dedicated GPUs to full-blown gaming laptops, causing the notebook supply to struggle. While it’s common knowledge that these won’t beat the best graphics card at the job, MSI’s part-way through an experiment to see just how profitable gaming laptops are mining 24 hours a day, seven days a week for a month. The MSI GE76 Raider […]

todayMarch 11, 2021 1


The Best Laptops for 2021

We’ve tested and reviewed well over 400 laptops over the years, searching for the best of the best. And when it comes to picking the best laptop overall for 2021, there was a clear winner: The Dell XPS 13. With fantastic performance, a display with modern-looking and thin bezels, a well-built keyboard and touchpad, and great battery life, the Dell XPS 13 performs well in terms of every important aspect […]

todayMarch 8, 2021 8