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New Artist Spotlight: Hasten Mercy Channels 90s Indie Pop With New EP ‘These Things’ [Global Heist] [Video]

Michael Baker is certainly not a new artist. He’s not even new to Your EDM, as we’ve featured his group Head Fake and their new wave style previously. Baker’s new solo project, Hasten Mercy, is new, however, and more EDM-focused. With the first EP, These Things laced with Happy Mondays-style rave pop, heavier, future bass/dubstep vibes and loads of ambient sound design and synth work, it sounds like Baker’s testing […]

todayJanuary 1, 2022 1

Music News

New Artist Spotlight: Toigo Does Indie Pop Right With New Single, ‘We’ve Got Tonight to Leave Me Broken’ [Video]

With multiple excellent releases dating back to 2014, an epic look that’s a cross between Rick Rubin and Yosemite Bear and a falsetto that rivals Jeff Buckley or Alexis Taylor from Hot Chip, Toigo should truly be mega-famous by now. One gets the impression from his music, however, that fame isn’t really what Toigo (full name Zachary Toigo) is after. With with a brand of indie pop rock as well-crafted […]

todayDecember 25, 2021 2

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New Artist Spotlight: Vectralux’s Debut Indie Pop Album Gives Deja Vu a Run for Its Money

You know those memes that have been going around the past coupe of years where it’s a chaotic picture where the objects in it have been blurred or distorted so that your brain thinks it should recognize them but still can’t and you end up squinting at it for far too long? Vectralux is, in concept, a much more pleasant version of those diabolical pictures. With a name that, by […]

todayNovember 15, 2021

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Sarah Tromley Talks Sultry Pop Record Gone Trap with Renowned LA Producer, Fluencee

Early this year the Portland raised, LA based singer/songwriter, Sarah Tromley released a sultry pop record, ‘Fake It’.  Now the revered Los Angeles producer Fluencee gets his hands on it a thunderous remix.  Turning up the heat for fall festival season with trap elements and warm waves of electrifying synths, Fluencee’s remix creates an atmosphere to get wisps away in.Sarah comments on ‘Fake It’, “‘Fake It'” is about finding that […]

todayNovember 3, 2021


Katy Perry debuts Pokmon pop song Electric • 98bpm

Pokémon continues its 25th anniversary celebrations today with the release of Katy Perry's new single Electric.In the video, Katy Perry and her Pikachu reminisce about growing up - and we see flashbacks to when she was younger and Pikachu was just a Pichu. Pokémon evolve, and so do people too! I think that's the message here. It's no Pokérap, but you can watch it anyway below: "When I visited the […]

todayOctober 14, 2021 2

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Veil of Maya Evolve + Embrace Pop Elements on New Song ‘Outrun’

Since deathcore's inception, countless bands have taken the bone-crunching style in ambitious new directions, including Veil of Maya, who have embraced pop elements on their latest single, "Outrun." There's also a section that should delight Iron Maiden fans.Although the group, which was founded in 2004, haven't released a new album since 2017's False Idol, they've been keeping fans at least partially satiated with individual songs — 2019's "Members Only," 2020's "Outsider" […]

todayOctober 6, 2021

Music News

Dani Filth Now Emailing Pop Star Ed Sheeran About Collaboration

Folk-pop singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran suggested he was open to making a death metal album earlier this summer, citing Cradle of Filth as one of his childhood favorites. Dani Filth has since been in touch with the superstar about a potential collaboration, which he hopes, if it comes to fruition, will be released for charity.In mid-July, Sheeran professed his heavy metal fandom, noting that Cradle of Filth and Slipknot were two […]

todayAugust 16, 2021 2

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The Biggest Albums of 2021 So Far: Pop Strikes Back

For the past four years or so, the story has been that pop music is dying, comatose, or at the very least, suffering a yearslong debilitating hangover. In 2017, rap overtook pop; 2018 killed the pop star. Last year around this time, hip-hop dominated our midyear rankings of the biggest albums. While the Weeknd’s After Hours led, six of the top 10 were rap albums, including Roddy Ricch’s Please Excuse Me […]

todayAugust 10, 2021 1

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Music Fan Stunned That Dollar Tree Sells Rock + Pop CDs

Did you know they sell CDs at Dollar Tree?YouTuber James Creelman was on one of his usual trips to the discount retailer the other day. But when he came upon a previously unseen assortment of popular music compact discs at his local store — including albums of rock, pop and hip-hop — he was astonished. Still, Creelman wasn't too stunned to flick through the selection and make some choice CD purchases.Watch […]

todayJuly 30, 2021 1