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German Pop Quartet, KYTES Share on House Release with Electro Veterans, Digitalism

After stumbling across the Munich indie-folk quartet for their standout single ´bumblin´´ , we turned over the rock that is, KYTES to find a mainstay band that is selling out major venues throughout Europe.  Fortunately now they are on a electronic music heist, taking over the air waves with Hamburg electro veterans Digitalism with ‘Hula Hoop’ on KYTES label Frisbee Records. Blending house music with pop, the 6 head collaboration […]

todayJuly 20, 2022 3

Music News

Jimmy Pé Drops Edgy Music Video To Bouncy Tech House Single, “Booty PoP”

If Jimmy Pé isn’t on your radar, he needs to be now. His tunes already managed to catch the ear UZ, Lefto, Daedelus and has already released music on prestigious labels such as Slow Roast Records, Quality Goods Records, Saturate Records, and others. Jimmy has toured in the USA, India, and Europe, he’s played Sziget Festival, Outlook Festival, Liverpool Sound City, Ment Ljubljana, Pohoda Festival, Colours of Ostrava, and has […]

todayJune 24, 2022 1

Music News

New Artist Spotlight: Dream Pop Duo Fabels Gets Into Your ‘Minds’ [video]

With a luscious discography that dates back to 2013, Fabels (yes, we’re spelling that right) could likely have started the return to shoegaze and experimental art rock trend the electronic world is seeing swell nowadays. With their first two albums, 2013’s Zimmer and 2016’s Hi dabbling in Bauhaus-cum-Sonic Youth-cum-Ride experimental krautrock vibes, by 2018 the duo had added electronic elements and more wall of sound guitars a’la Catherine Wheel or […]

todayJune 15, 2022 2

Music News

Nippandab & Kiimy Team Up For Melodic Dance Pop Single, “Higher Now”

Subrata Mondal, better known by his artist alias Nippandab, is a young electronic music producer and DJ from Bangalore, India. Inspired by the likes of ZHU, Alok, Bhaskar, Sevenn, SNBRN, and Meduza, Nippandab started producing all genres of House music shortly after embarking on his music career. Since then, he has been able to grow his fan base, streaming, and brand exponentially, someone we are for sure keeping our eye […]

todayJune 14, 2022 2

Music News

New Artist Spotlight: Bubble Gum Pop Gets a New Flavor With Emery Pulse

Throwback styles, especially those that model the 80s, tend to be covered in about ten layers of irony and hipsterism when presented to the world nowadays, and it’s no wonder. The jangly synths, neon eyeshadows and Flock of Seagulls hairstyles that typified the 80s pop scene weren’t even a hundred percent serious at the time. In an era fueled by cocaine and Diet Coke, we can’t exactly blame modern artists […]

todayMay 25, 2022 4

Music News

The Chainsmokers Move Away From Collaborations On New Pop Album, “So Far So Good”

The Chainsmokers are back from their hiatus as they release their fourth studio album, So Far So Good, today, via DISRUPTOR/Columbia Records/RCA. The duo (or is it trio?) long ago jumped ship from EDM into the pop world, but it’s clear they still use their history as producers in their work so it’s been hard to definitively separate the two worlds. But on this album, they fully lean into the pop […]

todayMay 13, 2022 3

Music News

Brey Surfaces with a Swift Electro Pop Hit ‘IMU’ [Cosmic Wire]

Brey is taking on melodic dance music with resonating vocals and a progressive sound design delivered by BLAZAR for her latest Cosmic Wire release, ‘IMU’. Brey wraps you into the music by hitting the perfect pitches to accentuate her love story. While her debut release ‘Getaway Car’ was a hard-hitting electro pop track with determination, drive and style, ‘IMU’ or I Miss You shows Brey’s swifter side that hits like […]

todayApril 14, 2022 4

Music News

Track Review: Nick De La Hoyde Doubles Down on the Pop for His First Single of 2022 [Gatacombe Music] [Lyric Video]

Since Nick De La Hoyde established his dedicated EDM/lofi trio D.E.L with his brothers Matt and Timm, it seems he’s decided to focus more on the pop end of things with his solo work, at least for now. While D.E.L focuses on sound design, EDM beats and ravey composition, Nick’s last few singles have been more pop-leaning, albeit still beautifully produced with the help of those same brothers. “Devotion” is […]

todayMarch 3, 2022 10

Music News

New Artist Spotlight: Hasten Mercy Channels 90s Indie Pop With New EP ‘These Things’ [Global Heist] [Video]

Michael Baker is certainly not a new artist. He’s not even new to Your EDM, as we’ve featured his group Head Fake and their new wave style previously. Baker’s new solo project, Hasten Mercy, is new, however, and more EDM-focused. With the first EP, These Things laced with Happy Mondays-style rave pop, heavier, future bass/dubstep vibes and loads of ambient sound design and synth work, it sounds like Baker’s testing […]

todayJanuary 1, 2022 11