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So This Is The REAL Reason Why Shawn Mendes ‘Initiated’ His Breakup From Camila Cabello

Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes were getting along so well there for so long… until they really weren’t. The former Fifth Harmony performer and the solo recording artist surprisingly ended their relationship earlier this week, jointly making the announcement to a shocked set of fans who didn’t expect to hear such bad news at this point. Related: Shawn Mendes Being Forced To Reveal His Reaction To Taylor Swift’s BF Is SUPER Cringe! And […]

todayNovember 20, 2021 1


Hearts of Iron 4 is making people real now

Even though we’ve had announcements of new Stellaris and EU4 DLC, as well as a release date for the latter, it doesn’t look like the Hearts of Iron team are quite ready to put a date on the No Step Back expansion for Hearts of Iron IV just yet. At the very least, the development team has now made people real, which I imagine will come to the relief of […]

todayOctober 30, 2021 1


Nvidia’s CGI CEO doesn’t look ready to replace the real Jensen Huang

A recent keynote address by Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang conference has provoked some wild reactions. A company blog post convinced many observers that the entire presentation was computer-generated.Nvidia has now updated the blog post to clarify that the CGI Huang spoke for only 14 seconds of the 108-minute keynote.The difference between the fake and real parts is pretty clear to my eyes. You can judge it for yourself by watching […]

todayAugust 13, 2021 2


$500 Off a 75-inch 4K TV? It’s Real at Walmart Today

98bpm may earn a commission when you buy through links on our site. Even though there are 4K TV deals available from different retailers, they still don’t come cheap if you’re planning to purchase screens as massive as 75 inches. However, with Walmart TV deals, you can enjoy savings of $533 when you buy this 75-inch LG 4K TV, which was originally priced at $1,500 but is currently on sale […]

todayAugust 4, 2021 3

Music News

Green Day Play ‘Welcome to Paradise’ at First Real Gig Since 2020

Green Day somewhat unexpectedly hit the stage at Cain's Ballroom in Tulsa, Okla., on Tuesday (June 20) when the rockers launched into a career-spanning 18-song set with their classic "Welcome to Paradise."The concert served as a warm-up gig for the Billie Joe Armstrong-led pop-punk veterans' Hella Mega Tour with Fall Out Boy and Weezer that starts this month. It also represented Green Day's first major concert since the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020.Watch the "Welcome to Paradise" […]

todayJuly 22, 2021 8


The real environmental impact of EVs and ICEs explained

Well, it’s a no brainer: EVs are good for the environment and ICEs are bad. It’s as simple as that.Yet, there are of course the electrification opposers, flaunting as an argument that electric vehicles aren’t actually “zero-emission.”Okay, I’ll give them that, no vehicle is 100% green, and there are indeed greenhouse emissions in the life-cycle of EVs.But even when you take that into account, EVs are still ‘good’ for the […]

todayJuly 16, 2021 1


Stumble-proof robot adapts to challenging terrain in real time – 98bmp

Robots have a hard time improvising, and encountering an unusual surface or obstacle usually means an abrupt stop or hard fall. But researchers at Facebook AI have created a new model for robotic locomotion that adapts in real time to any terrain it encounters, changing its gait on the fly to keep trucking when it hits sand, rocks, stairs, and other sudden changes. Although robotic movement can be versatile and […]

todayJuly 9, 2021 3


Real estate platform Casafari raises $15M to allow PE to buy single-family homes at scale – 98bmp

Just a Spotify used VC and PE backing to acquire the assets of the music industry so that we must now all rent our music via subscription, rather than own it for life, so a PropTech startup plans to follow a similar strategy for single-family homes. Casafari, a real estate data platform in Europe based out of Lisbon, Portugal, has raised a $15 million Series A funding round led by […]

todayJuly 7, 2021 1


How to make almost any digital piano sound like the real thing

There’s a reason digital pianos are so popular: most people either can’t afford the real thing, or they can’t fit them into their homes. Unfortunately, most digital pianos pale in comparison to even the most basic acoustic ones, with wimpy speakers and lackluster built-in sounds. This is unfortunate; even for beginners, having a quality piano tone can inspire you to keep practicing and get better.But what if I told you there’s […]

todayJuly 1, 2021 1