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Final Fantasy XIV is now free to returning players for a limited time

Final Fantasy XIV is getting its biggest buzz in years – and following the response to Shadowbringers, that’s saying something. Prominent MMO streamers are jumping in, disappointed WoW players are switching over, and the game is setting new player records on platforms like Steam. A big chunk of FFXIV is free for new players, but what if you’re coming back from a long absence? Square Enix has something in mind […]

todayAugust 1, 2021 2


Google may have achieved a scientific breakthrough: Time crystals

Eureka! A research team featuring dozens of scientists working in partnership with Google‘s quantum computing labs may have created the world’s first time crystal inside a quantum computer.This is the kind of news that makes me want to jump up and do a happy dance.These scientists may have produced an entirely new phase of matter. I’m going to do my best to explain what that means and why I personally […]

todayJuly 30, 2021 2


Cris Tales Review – If I Could Turn Back Time

Cris Tales on PC Cris Tales is one of the most colorful and charming games to release in recent memory. It’s no surprise that in a short burst, such as a preview, Cris Tales is highly capable of impressing. Sitting down for the actual full experience, though, is a different story. While Cris Tales never ceases to be cute and is a feast for the eyes, questionable decisions in the gameplay […]

todayJuly 28, 2021 1


Diablo 3 season 24 release time confirmed

Yep, we got Diablo 4 coming down the line, and Diablo 2: Resurrected is still trucking toward launch, but that doesn’t mean Blizzard has forgotten about Diablo 3. Season 24 for the ARPG has been in testing for some time, but now the devs have confirmed exactly when the update will land on live servers. Patch 2.7.1 is currently scheduled to release on July 20. The Diablo 3 season 24 […]

todayJuly 26, 2021 2

Music News

Every Time I Die’s Keith Buckley Reveals He’s Nine Months Sober

Getting sober can be a life-changing experience, and in a new posting Every Time I Die vocalist Keith Buckley offers some personal insight on how his life has changed over the past year as he's started taking this journey in his life.In January of this year, Buckley separated from his wife of just over a decade and it was the start of several changes in his life. In a series […]

todayJuly 24, 2021 1


Zelda: Ocarina of Time mod aims to recreate the pre-release Space World version

Games can often change quite a bit from preview versions to the final releases, and that’s in today’s era, where every minor detail is documented in a thousand YouTube videos. In the old days of blurry magazine screenshots and tiny RealPlayer videos, features from early game builds took on an aura of mystery – which is why the 1997 Space World version of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time […]

todayJuly 23, 2021 1

Music News

10 Most Iconic Rock + Metal Guitar Solos of All Time

Ariel Bellvalaire, the Connecticut guitarist who has performed on Broadway as part of the "Dearly Beloved" Prince tribute, landed a spot in Nick West's "I Am The King — The Michael Jackson Experience," and even plays in the Guns N' Roses tribute band Paradise Kitty, is making her picks for the 10 Most Iconic Rock + Metal Guitar Solos of All Time.The experienced shredder recently dropped an original single, "Diamonds […]

todayJuly 21, 2021 1

Music News

Scott Ian – Time Off Amid Pandemic Will ‘Do Wonders’ for Bands

Anthrax's Scott Ian was the latest guest on Full Metal Jackie's weekend radio program. Ahead of the band's 40th anniversary livestream event featuring deep cuts spanning the entirety of their catalog, the guitarist reflected on four decades of history and the fun he had reliving such a historic career.The 'Anthrax 40' video series was broken down into 11 separate episodes, which aired weekly leading up to the July 16 livestream […]

todayJuly 14, 2021 2

Music News

Thomas Rhett Loves the Outdoors, Family Time, and His Chaco Sandals

Two things sustained country star Thomas Rhett during the difficulty of a year in quarantine: time with his family in the great outdoors and music. Now, he’s put both of those loves front and center. This March, he released Country Again: Side A, the first disc of a double album that collects the best of what he wrote and recorded in lockdown. And this June, he launched a footwear collaboration […]

todayJuly 11, 2021 4