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Tammy Slaton: Yes, I Really Am a Widow, Okay?!?

todayNovember 27, 2023 2

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Tammy Slaton took to TikTok late last week to answer a pressing question from one of her followers.

The veteran 1000-Lb Sisters star was asked about her late husband, Caleb Willingham, on this platform, responding at the time to the following question:

“I’m confused. Were you legally married or no?”

The 37-year old, despite the pain she continues to be in, was gracious and patient with her response.

Tammy Slaton Responds
Tammy Slaton jumped on TikTok in late 2023 to answer this question. (TikTok)

“Thank you for your question, and to answer it, yes, I was legally married. Now he’s passed away,” she wrote back.

Tammy met Caleb inside of an Ohio rehab facility early last year and then got married in the parking lot of this same facility in November 2022.

Tragically, Willingham then passed away on June 30.

It seemed as if the marriage was in trouble at the time of this awful development after Caleb acknowledged on Facebook that Tammy had ended the relationship.

However, Slaton has made it clear via her many messages of sorrow in the months since that she loved Willingham very much.

1000-Lb Sisters Season 5 promo shot
They’re back! Tammy Slaton and Amy Slaton are posing here in promotion of 1000-Lb Sisters Season 5. (TLC)

“I’m still wearing his wedding ring,” Tammy even added on Friday.

No cause of death was ever given for Willingham, but insiders have said he had been backsliding in his weight loss journey and was stuck in the same rehab center where he met Tammy at the time of his passing.

Slaton, conversely, has lost hundreds of pounds and is healthier than she has been in a long while.

“Even though I’m not in love with him, I will always love him and I miss him every day,” Tammy said via TikTok on November 21. “Things will get better.”

Slatons on 1000-Lb Sisters
Tammy and Amy Slaton are featured in this photo from season five of their popular reality show. (TLC)

On this same aforementioned date just under a week ago, Tammy shared some photos of Willingham, along with a snapshot of herself checking out a sunset.

“The sunset was our thing,” she explained at the time. “We would sit outside all afternoon.”

With 1000-Lb Sisters Season 5 on the way next month (premiere date: December 12 on TLC!), viewers can expect to learn a lot more about Slaton’s relationship with Caleb.

For now, we can only keep her in our thoughts and prayers.

Tammy Slaton and Caleb Willingham
This was one of the photos Tammy Slaton uploaded on social media in tribute of her late husband, Caleb Willingham. (Instagram)

Not long after Caleb passed away, Slaton wrote this on social media:

“We were having problems, but I loved that man, and I still do.

“I miss him like crazy, but I wanted to thank everybody for – I’m sorry.

“Thank you, everybody, for your comments, I appreciate it, I really do.”

Tammy Slaton: Yes, I Really Am a Widow, Okay?!? was originally published on The Hollywood Gossip.

Written by: 98bpm Radio

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