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Tania Maduro Admits Money Problems to 90 Day Fiance Fans After “Rough” Summer

todayOctober 5, 2023

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For years, Tania Maduro has been thirst trapping 90 Day Fiance fans … but also infuriating others.

She is unapologetically herself in every aspect, and she’s very polarizing. It’s all part of why producers have had her on for multiple seasons.

Last year, 90 Day: The Single Life viewers watched as she and her ex-husband, Syngin, signed divorce papers on camera.

Since then, she’s used social media to keep fans updated. That includes recently revealing her financial struggles.

90 Day: The Single Life Season 3 star Tania Maduro speaks about what sort of partner she would like after her marriage. (Discovery Plus)

Like so many people, for one reason or another, Tania Maduro has had a rough summer.

90 Day Fiance viewers got to know her several years ago. She made her debut in 2019 alongside then-fiance, now ex-husband Syngin Colchester.

Despite their mutual hotness and off-the-charts sexual chemistry, they had very little else in common. Realistically they would have had more time to figure things out if they hadn’t been from separate continents. Wisely, they parted ways.

Tania Maduro and Syngin Colchester formally ended their marriage while filming the Tell All for 90 Day: The Single Life in 2022. (Discovery Plus)

One indelible moment in franchise history is Tania and Syngin’s divorce. They both dragged their heels.

Perhaps Syngin’s residency was a factor (he’s been in Asia, lately). But Tania also didn’t feel a rush. They were no longer together; she didn’t need paperwork to tell her that.

However, the pair officially signed divorce papers on the Tell All stage. They’d both already moved on emotionally, and into new relationships.

90 Day: The Single Life Season 3 will include Tania Maduro, whose ex-husband appeared on Season 2. Now, it’s her turn to try to find happiness after marriage. (Photo credit: Discovery Inc) (Discovery Plus)

Tania lives a life that is, frankly, more interesting (to the outside observer) than most people. She has a carefree spirit, is open-minded, and actually likes to travel.

So, naturally, many fans have enjoyed keeping up with her story on social media.

Tania is dating a woman named Eve. She has also been working. The latter is what caused the 33-year-old 90 Day alum to share some unhappy news recently.

On 90 Day: The Single Life, Tania Maduro bared more than just her soul and vulnerabilities. Viewers were looking Respectfully. (Image Credit: Discovery Plus) (Discovery Plus)

“It’s been a rough summer for making money,” Tania shared on a recent Instagram Story post.

“13 out of 16 weeks, it rained,” she detailed. “I only work weekends.”

Tania added: “And it might not be windy today, but it’s windy and cold. No one wants to sit at my upstairs bar.”

Tania Maduro certainly knows how to dress to impress. (Discovery Plus)

Obviously, the idea of “cold” and “windy” weather might make many of us deeply envious. (Anyone else still forced to endure the horrors of 80-degree weather for these first weeks of autumn?)

But for the Connecticut native, the climate is cutting into her weekend income.

Tania works remotely, which makes travel possible. And she has a number of tricks, like discounts, to aid that. But her weekend gig was supposed to help her make extra money. And that hasn’t panned out this summer.

Tania Maduro speaks on the 90 Day Fiance franchise. (Discovery Plus)

While Tania has other sources of income — including, but not limited to, OnlyFans and Cameo — that does suck.

Thanks to the greedflation phenomenon in recent years, $100 of groceries brings very little. A lot of things are more expensive, for no reason other than huge companies desiring massive payouts.

And Tania’s preferred lifestyle of travel means added expenses. Yes, she’s smart about it, but it does cost money.

Tania Maduro spent time in Aruba on 90 Day: The Single Life. (Discovery Plus)

We know that Tania is planning a major trip to Aruba for later this year. She won’t be going alone, either.

As we noted, Tania has an adventurous spirit. We’re sure that she and her friends will have a fun time.

But we hope that her luck picks up before then.

Tania Maduro Admits Money Problems to 90 Day Fiance Fans After “Rough” Summer was originally published on The Hollywood Gossip.

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