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The Golden Bachelorette: Who Will It Be?!?

todayNovember 27, 2023 2

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At the time of this posting, we are hours away from Gerry Turner selecting the first-ever winner of the first-ever season of The Golden Bachelor.

For the most part, the show has been an enormous hit.

It therefore stands to reason that ABC won’t be done with the franchise after Gerry makes his decision, right?

It stands to reason that there must be at least one season of The Golden Bachelorette.

Golden Bachelor contestants
These are the women who competed for Gerry Turner’s heart on the Golden Bachelor. (ABC)

In anticipation of what many are hoping to be an inevitability, many fans have taken to social media in order to plead their case for potential Golden Bachelorette leads.

For example?

Consider the case for SUSAN NOLES, as made by a handful of folks across the Internet.

“I think Susan would be an excellent choice due to her uniqueness and quirky personality,” wrote one defender, for example.

Added another:

“I agree! Susan’s so nice to all of the ladies! She did their hair, for goodness sake!”

Susan Noles meets Gerry Turner here for the first time. (ABC)

Then there’s a case many are making for JOAN VASSOS.

She only left the show after receiving a call from her daughter, an understandable decision that left both Joan and Gerry disappointed.

“She is a good candidate as she is the type who is attractive to many men,” explained one individual online.

Others, meanwhile, have taken note of Joan trying on various outfits via TikTok… almost as if she were planning out a wardrobe for some sort of national television platform.

Joan Vassos on Golden Bachelor
Joan Vassos shakes the hand here of Gerry Turner. (ABC)

Faith Martin, meanwhile, finished third on The Golden Bachelor.

She’s the only one of these women listed who has said she’d be very open to the idea of leading her own program, having expressed “shocked” that she didn’t receive a rose after her hometown visit with Gerry.

“When other people would say I can’t believe you were sent home, I say thank you because it shocked the crap out of me,” the aspiring reality TV star admitted in a recent interview.

Multiple social media users have dubbed Faith as the “perfect” person to anchor The Golden Bachelorette.

Faith Martin on ABC
Faith Martin finished third on Season 1 of The Golden Bachelor. (ABC)

It is worth remember, of course, that ABC has not yet announced any seasons at all of The Golden Bachelorette.

Not as of Monday afternoon, November 27, that is.

“I really hope we do it,” Jesse Palmer said in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, however, adding:

“I just love the group of women on Gerry’s season … There’s a number that would be phenomenal Golden Bachelorettes, and that are very deserving of that opportunity.”

“It’d be pretty compelling to watch,” he added.

“I’m on the edge of my seat just like everybody else waiting to find out if this is something that’s going to happen or not.”

The Golden Bachelorette: Who Will It Be?!? was originally published on The Hollywood Gossip.

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