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Tori Roloff Flaunts Figure in Tight Leggings, Tries to Move on From Family Feud

todayOctober 30, 2023

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Tori Roloff has seemingly taken a break from trying to put her father-in-law in his place

… in order to prove that she has everything in the absolute right place!

By this confusing introduction, we mean that the mother of three shared a new photo to her Instagram Story late last week, standing in front of a full-length mirror and showing off a rather impressive figure.

Tori Roloff weight loss pic
Tori Roloff looks amazing! She posted this photo online in late 2023. (Instagram)

The Little People, Big World star is rocking a light-colored button-down shirt with black leggings that hugged her rail-thin legs.

As you can see above, Tori is also wearing long socks and a pair of Ugg boots.

The TLC personality tagged @Blazekidswear in the image, making it appear as if she got paid for the promotion, while writing underneath the snapshot:

I’m wearing a large in this waffle shirt! I love it and my kids love theirs from last night too!

Little People, Big World photo with Zach and Tori
Zach and Tori Roloff pose here for two of their kids as part of a TLC promotional campaign. (TLC)

Tori, meanwhile, has been making headlines for a few weeks now for reasons that have nothing to do with fashion or weight loss.

She and husband Zach (and their three young kids) moved to Washington over a year ago … and are rather estranged these days from the rest of Zach’s family.

His dad in particular.

In May 2022, Matt Roloff put 14 acres of his farm up for sale and, according to Zach, did not give his sons a fair shot to purchase this property.

Matt, Amy, Zach and Tori Roloff are featured in this TLC promotional photo. (TLC)

Hence why Zach slammed his dad as a coward last spring.

“This post is extremely misguided and false. My dad is manipulating the narrative right now before the season comes out,” Zach wrote online at the time, ahead of the most recent Little People, Big World season.

Both sides talked openly throughout those episodes about the tension that remained.

Of late, it seems as if said tension has only increased.

Tori Roloff on TLC
Tori Roloff addresses the camera in this Little People, Big World scene. (TLC)

First, Tori visited a pumpkin patch near her home this month, making a point to publicize the snub of Roloff Farms on social media.

From there, Matt went out of his way to praise the family members who did stop by his farm to help out… singling out everyone except for Tori and Zach.

“We’re super happy with all the turnout. Lots of first-timers, lots of people that have been here every year for many, many years, it’s just been wonderful,” wrote Roloff a few days ago, continuing as follows:

“Amy’s been here every day, Chris has been tour guiding. I’ve been here, Jacob, Izzy, Mateo, everybody’s been here having a great Fall with all of our visitors.

“So, thank you and I hope to see you – if you haven’t come out yet, I hope to see you our last weekend, next weekend.”

Matt Roloff sits with Caryn Chandler, opposite Zach and Tori Roloff.
Here is a split screen snapshot of Caryn Chander and Matt Roloff… and Tori Roloff and Zach Roloff. (TLC)

Neither Tori nor Zach has said anything in response to this message.

We’d theorize that perhaps they are saving a rebuttal for upcoming episodes of Little People, Big World.

Except: TLC is yet to renew the show for a new season.

Also: We hear Tori and Zach may be done with television.

Tori Roloff Flaunts Figure in Tight Leggings, Tries to Move on From Family Feud was originally published on The Hollywood Gossip.

Written by: 98bpm Radio

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