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What’s better than a one-battery ebike? A dual-battery ebike!

todayJune 9, 2021 4

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Range anxiety isn’t just an issue for electric car drivers — electric bike riders suffer from it too. That’s a bit of a problem if we want ebikes to serve as veritable car replacements, as too often consumers have to choose between an affordable, lightweight ebike and something with more range.

Barring dramatic advancements in battery technology, this isn’t likely to change anytime soon. But there’s another way to deal with this problem: every ebike should let you latch on an extra battery. Too few do.

I test a lot of ebikes for TNW, and I love going on long rides on whatever ebike I happen to be reviewing a given month. I go on 15-40 mile routes regularly, and because ebikes take the edge off of long trips, my average distance increases every month.

The problem is, most of the bikes I test can’t actually take me as far I’d like to go. It’s no fun pedaling a 70-pound no-longer-electric bike if you overestimated how long your battery would last — I know from experience — and unless you have a folding bike, it’ll probably be difficult to find public transit options to get you back home.

Credit: Vanmoof