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Will Big T Exact Revenge On Her Former Challenge Partner CT?

todayMarch 5, 2021 1

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One might be the loneliest number, but for Challenge competitor CT, it’s a digit with which he’s expertly familiar. But for the first time in a long time, the three-time champ softened to his Double Agents teammate Big T and vowed to keep her as an ally until the game’s end.

However, old habits die hard, and on tonight’s episode, CT kicked Big T to the curb, told her she was too weak to run the final and made a showy demonstration of his preference for Kam.

After winning a souped-up version of “Dead Ringer” in The Crater as part of host TJ Lavin’s shocking Security Breach, CT and Darrell — who earned Gold Skulls by knocking out Josh and Devin, respectively — earned the choice to either keep their partners or trade them for new ones. While Darrell quickly vowed to stick things out with Amber B., CT stole Kam away from Kyle like she was the single remaining Furby at a department store’s Black Friday sale.

Big T, who first thought CT was joking, was instantly crushed and felt the hurt of CT’s broken promises and false assurances eat away at her. It wasn’t that CT traded partners, she said, it was that he humiliated her in the process.

“I really don’t recognize CT at all,” she bemoaned. “He’s making it very apparent that he’s not enjoyed being my partner, and I feel completely used…That’s not a friend.”

When the smoke cleared and the cast made its way to a relaxing hot spring to cool off, CT began to realize the hurt he caused and sent Big T a bottle of champagne as a means to apologize. In the immediate, it seemed to work, but later, when CT asked Big T to sit down by a campfire and talk, the progress was erased.

Big T began the conversation by explaining that CT helped her feel brave, and that his Crater trade sunk her spirits. But CT was only willing to accept so much criticism, and soon, he bit back.

“Why are you trying to make me out to be this scumbag?” he spat as part of what Big T later called “CT’s massive monologue.”

Big T’s response: “If you’re apologizing to someone, just go up and apologize. Stop making it all theatrics.”

Finally, when Big T had had enough of CT’s shouting, she stormed off, demanded CT “be a decent person” and told him she had no interest in maintaining a friendship.

“We’re done,” she said concretely.

Now CT is, in his own words, “Public Enemy Number One,” but with Kam by his side, his chances at a win seem strong. Still, Big T, who vowed to vote CT into the Crater the next chance she gets, is thirsty for revenge. Do you think she’ll come after CT and knock him out of the game? Or is CT too strong a player? Share your thoughts, then be sure to tune in to Challenge: Double Agents Wednesday night!

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todayMarch 5, 2021 1

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